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We are grateful for the donors to Streams of Mercy. We support 29 orphanages in 14 different nations.  In addition to the orphanages, we are able to assist these wonderful medical clinics.  Thanks for all who make this ministry possible through your giving.  If you, your church or business would like to help the poorest of the poor, please click the enclosed link to make your donation to Streams of Mercy today.

Leper's Home Orphanage

Leper's Medical Clinic | Chennai, India

We boarded the van and headed off for the Leper’s medical clinic outside of Chennai, India.  This was my first visit to the leper colony, even though we have supported the Leper’s Kids Orphanage for several years.  I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive going into the leper colony for the first time.  It really was an unknown.

As we arrived at the clinic, we saw that the medical staff had already arrived and were seeing the first patients of the day.  Little medical care is available for India’s 250,000 lepers.  The number grows daily, even though the government of India recently announced that Leprosy has been cured in all of India.


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Hut Slum Clinic | Chennai, India

The hut slum is tucked away in back alleys of this teeming metropolis.  All around it are the busy streets of a mega-city.  Here, there is only a dirt path lined by grass huts.  This hut slum is home to several thousand people, men, women and children who are enslaved by poverty and have no hope of a better life.   We walk by one hut where a small animal is roasting over an open fire.  I look, do a double take and realize that their dinner is a cat that had wandered into the hut slum.  Desperate people do desperate things. 

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Village Clinic | Jinja, Uganda

Jinja, is a major city in Uganda.  Surrounding the city are many smaller villages that fan out from the central city at the meeting place of Lake Victoria and the Nile river.  The people living in these villages are often very poor and many live in stick huts, smeared with the red clay mud that fills the land.  In one of those nearby villages is the Village Medical Clinic that provides medical care for about 145 people a week.  

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Photography by Nathan Golden.