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Rancho Los Amigos will tug at your heartstrings! In 1983, we were asked to take over the Rancho Los Amigos children's home, situated on 12 dusty acres.
"Rancho Los Amigos children's home," situated on 12 dusty acres. RLA provided a haven for abandoned, neglected, and abused children from across Mexico. Today, those acres have been transformed into a beautiful campus for children. Rancho Los Amigos provides loving, safe care to an average of 35 children. Most of the children now come primarily from the Juárez, Mexico area. RLA brings hope to children who grew up in very difficult situations. This home is possible because of our full-time volunteer ministry staff, and the generous support of donors.

We, at Rancho Los Amigos, provide for our children. We provide
• A safe, loving, positive environment
• Hope and opportunity
• Nutritious meals
• A well-rounded, bilingual, character-based academic education
• Physical, spiritual, and emotional healing
• A strong moral foundation based on Biblical principles
• A sense of responsibility to 'give back'

Many of the children at Rancho Los Amigos have experienced different levels of abuse prior to coming to RLA. As a ministry, we create a secure, loving environment for them. The children are supervised at all times by the staff. A staff member is present to help them get ready each morning and share devotions with them before they go to school. In the afternoon they meet in a homework group to track their progress and to receive needed help. Evenings culminate with a devotional or prayer time.
Every child entering Rancho Los Amigos, comes with a desire for hope and opportunity. Each child is encouraged in their individual gifting and in the unlimited possibilities for their future. Some will be reunited with their families. Others are adopted. For those who remain in the home, once they reach adulthood, we help them to pursue their dreams of university, ministry training, or a career opportunity.

Good nutrition is a way of life at RLA. Care is given to provide an excellent diet for the children.

At Rancho Los Amigos, we are committed to give our children a well-rounded, character-based education. The children become knowledgeable in all subjects, and they learn to read, write, and speak Spanish and English. We strive to develop them as individuals who have good character to go along with their knowledge. Although many of the children come to RLA with disadvantages, we provide an education that will give them the greatest opportunity for success!
The children of RLA have experienced more physical, spiritual, and emotional wounds than most of us have experienced in an entire lifetime. We provide all means possible to address these wounds. As a staff, we minister to the children through times of prayer and sharing God's Word on a one on one basis. Through counseling, prayer, and professional help, these precious lives are restored.

Rancho Los Amigos provides a strong moral foundation based on biblical principles. We give the children a first-hand understanding of the Bible. Every child participates in weekly Bible verse memorization and daily, personal devotionals.
The children realize that they have been blessed to be a blessing to others. All of the children have a deep appreciation of the love and faithfulness of God, which has changed their lives!
The children are challenged to help others in need. They have supported other children's homes, ministries from around the world, and families from the local community who are in desperate need. You can see their desire to give back when you hear them discuss their plans for the future. One child wants to be a veterinarian to the farm animals of indigenous cultures, another one wants to be a doctor in Canada, and still another wants to open a children's home in Africa!

Rancho Los Amigos will tug at your heartstrings! In 1983, we were asked to take over the Rancho Los Amigos children's home, situated on 12 dusty acres.
Over the years we have looked at different concepts for a new facility. We desire to provide a safe environment for many more children in Juárez, Mexico, but the adobe structure of the current home has started to break down beyond the point of repair. It also does not allow for further expansion.
We believe that now is the time to pursue the design and construction of a new home. Our goal is to have a home that provides a safer, drier, and better atmosphere for the current children, and gives us opportunity to increase the number of children we receive into the home.
A design team of professional architects and engineers from Engineering Ministries International, a ministry in Colorado Springs, Colorado, came and began the design process. We are continuing to work with EMI and a local Mexican architectural firm to complete the design. The new structure will allow us to double in size.