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Orphanages in central asia are very difficult places.
The paid workers do the cooking, cleaning, and maintenance on the facilities. Thousands of children in the homes are warehoused until they turn 18, and then are sent out of the orphanage with few life skills to succeed. Many of the orphanage graduates get menial jobs, or worse still, many of the girls are forced into prostitution, just to survive.

Hope Haven was established as an after-care home for girls who have aged out of the orphanages. It is a transition home for young women in distress who lack the emotional, vocational and financial resources needed to succeed as adults. The young ladies who come to Hope Haven stay for one to two years. During this time they receive vocational training, medical care, and life skills training. They find life changing hope and healing.

Hope Haven's Girls Home strives to help girls take responsibility for their lives, and become contributing members of society. They extend hope to the girls, and see dramatically transformed lives! Just recently they celebrated some terrific milestones in the life of a girl who came to them several years ago. Marianna came to Hope Haven as a teenager from a state orphanage, lived at Hope Haven for several years, and received mentoring in life skills. At the end of her stay she married a wonderful man and a year later had her first child. Marianna's story is one of transformation. Rescued from a life of hopelessness, she now has a family of her own!

We have 5 girls in the house right now. This has been a season of dental and medical work for the girls. Most girls come to the house with many years of neglected health issues. This year we sponsored a facial surgery, an eye- surgery, and many new teeth! We are excited because one of our girls received training in a local Christian daycare. She is very excited to learn and participate in that daycare center. We believe that it can lead to a good job for her.

Christmas is a season of bazaars and selling things here. The girls have been busy making peanut butter, pomegranate juice, hats, carpets and cards to sell. This helps them to learn vocational skills, and to earn the money for their personal support.