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The history behind the widows & orphans home.
YWAM Mercy Development was established in 2004 as a collaboration between Hurlach, Germany and a wonderful Ethiopian man with a passion to help the street children of Ethiopia.

The ministry began as an outreach to street children. The children's facility is home to 25 children, 18 of whom formerly lived on the streets and the others were rescued from desperate living situations. These children receive food, housing, education, health care and Christian character training. They have a wonderfully caring staff to love and guide them.

The present children's facility was bursting at the seams,
so a generous donor provided the funds to secure an additional facility. Now the girls live in one home with house parents, Samy and Ruth. The boys are living in the original home. As the young adults finish high school, vocational training or a college education is provided to ensure they are well established spiritually, emotionally and physically to become self-sustaining, responsible adults. With the additional space that the new facility provides, more street children will be offered a home full of healing, forgiveness and love.

Three evenings a week, the YWAM staff and some of the older children offer recreation, personal encouragement and friendship to some of the 100,000 children living on the streets of Addis Ababa.

The YWAM Children's Director, has a huge heart for the plight of the vulnerable street children who live out of garbage cans, face unspeakable dangers, and try to survive without the care and guidance of an adult.

The Mercy Development staff are active in 4 places in the city (Stadium, Markato, Kabele and Lakkar). They reach out to an average of 30 to 40 children per week, and counsel and provide the basic needs of children who have run away from their homes. The Team meets both the spiritual and physical needs of the children. They do a feeding program, and offer counseling and basic medical help whenever possible. The team helps the children reintegrate into their homes if they have parents willing to take them back. They see huge changes in the lives of the children they contact on a weekly basis.

Photography by Nathan Golden.