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The history behind the widows & orphans home.
and dying of Mozambique. They make a difference by sharing the love of Christ with their community through operating homes that take care of abandoned, orphaned, neglected, and HIV infected children.

Their vision is to offer an opportunity and future to the children that God has given them. They care for these children as they do their very own. This vision is to have a ministry that raises up future community and national leaders who will be able to bring about change and social justice to the entire country of Mozambique.

The houses are located in the middle of Mozambique communities, which gives the staff many opportunities to interact with, and share God's love with, the people of the community. Each of the houses operates with 10-15 children living as a family. All of the children in the house are brought in as infants, so most of the children in the house are about the same age. All Nations Mozambique employs a staff of local women to help with the care of the children. Each home functions as a family. And the women do the cooking, cleaning, laundry, education and meet all the other needs of a house full of children.

Pieter and Rika Boersma are from Cape Town, South Africa and have been living in Mozambique for over a decade now. They are passionate about seeing local leaders developed through caring for AIDs orphans and abandoned children. They have 3 children of their own.

The 29th of August we celebrated Pascal's 12th birthday. He had 29 of his friends over from his Football Club. It was a wonderful time for him as he shared this special day with his friends.

We are blessed when one of the children is adopted into a loving, and caring family. Last month, Didito, one of our boys, was adopted. Didito was the only survivor in a taxi accident. His whole family died in this accident and he was brought to us from the Central Hospital in Maputo. A visitor and staff woman recently went to visit his new home and family. They came back with a wonderful report of how well he is doing and
said that he is extremely happy. Adoption is a beautiful gift from God and we see His love demonstrated in every adoption.

We are in the process of starting to build a new home called Casa Gemma. We are doing the final paperwork in preparation of the building project. We drilled a water well on the property and have the water pumps and everything else we need to supply water for us and the community.

We had an official welcome lunch with the new community where we are building Casa Gemma. It was a wonderful day. We prepared lunch for the entire community and did some dramas and dances. After our meal, we shared our vision of building Casa Gemma, and the community gave their blessing. We also discussed projects that we want to help with, one of which is to provide water and irrigation for their communal farm. This will enable them to plant vegetables through the year. Currently, they have no running water and have to walk up to 5 miles to get water. When our well is up and running, the community will be able to come and collect water from our well.