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Jinja, is a major city in Uganda.  Surrounding the city are many smaller villages that fan out from from the central city at the meeting place of Lake Victoria and the Nile river.  The people living in these villages are often very poor and many live in stick huts, smeared with the red clay mud that fills the land.  In one of those nearby villages is the Village Medical Clinic that provides medical care for about 145 people a week.  

This clinic has a wonderful medical staff, is well run, and is making a huge impact in their community. When we arrived at the clinic, we were struck by the high caliber of the medical and the administrative staff.  These are very impressive people who truly care for those they help medically. This is much more than a job. It is a ministry to care for people in practical ways.

Several patients line the hallway. One mother is holding her infant daughter. All of them will receive medical care today. A couple months ago, we received a desperate plea from the director of this ministry.  They were out of medicine, and were pleading for help to purchase much needed supplies. Medicines can very expensive in Uganda.  Streams of Mercy responded immediately, and sent the funding to keep the clinic open. We now support the clinic every month, and help to make this ministry possible.

Photography by Nathan Golden.