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loving One By One is a ministry dedicated to helping refugee and homeless children in Uganda reach their full potential. reach their full potential. The organization began in January 2005 with Ken and Sherry Roberts, whose passion for the poorest children of Uganda led them to provide educational support for two young refugee girls from Sudan. The ministry's efforts focus on providing education, as well as physical, spiritual, and medical needs to refugee children and their families.

Since its inception, Loving One By One has clothed and fed orphaned street children; conducted numerous medical and de- worming clinics; established the New Creation Centre, a school for Sudanese refugee children; opened the New Creation Family Home, a home which serves orphaned children in a loving family atmosphere; and most recently, purchased nine acres of land just outside the capital city of Kampala to create a centralized location for the ministry's school, home, church, guest quarters, and medical facilities. Loving One By One's activities have attracted committed sponsors and short-term mission team members from all over the United States, Australia, and Canada. They also provide employment opportunities for qualified Ugandans.

On their first trip to Uganda, Ken and Sherry realized that the needs of children and families in Uganda were more than they could imagine. Poverty, disease, poor hygiene, lack of water, lack of education, and the omission of so many other basic needs became so horrifically real as they experienced them in the eyes of beautiful children, refugees from war-torn northern Uganda and Sudan who were now ostracized in Uganda's capital city, Kampala. Obviously God was calling them to act, to begin a ministry that Sherry had not seriously considered until that point.

Loving One by One children

New Creation Centere

New Creation Centre

Bed Rooms and bunks

School Kids and Orphans Projects

New Creation Centre
Imagine a school where refugee children from Northern Uganda and Sudan can receive quality free education, a nifty new uniform, and a nutritional daily meal. New Creation Centre, established in 2005,
currently provides free education as well as a daily hot meal to the students. The school also provides employment for Ugandans as teachers, teaching assistants, a cook, and maintenance helpers. School is in session five days a week, forty weeks a year, and provides a well-rounded curriculum for each child. New Creation Centre currently serves eighty-four children. It's vision is to be able to reach many more refugee children for whom education would be otherwise impossible.
JJokolera Aids & Orphans Project
In January 2005, while working on setting up the New Creation Centre School, Ken and Sherry were visited by a woman named Rosemary. Rosemary had heard about some Mzungus (White People) who were helping people. She walked 7 miles down a jungle road to catch a small van/taxi to visit us in Ntinda. When they first met her, she knelt at their feet and asked them to help her small village. The village consisted of approximately 35 families. Most of the children were being raised by their grand-parents because both of their parents had died of HIV/AIDS. In some cases, young children were raising their siblings because there were no other relatives. Rosemary asked Ken and Sherry to help with funding so the village children could go to school and get an education. They decided that it would be far wiser to help the villagers support themselves. They began a program of buying goats and pigs for the village. As the herd grows, the villagers can sell milk, meat, animal offspring, and purchase other nutritional food for the village. They will also be able to send all their children to school! Loving One by One continues to raise funding and purchase many goats and pigs for the village.
Medical Clinics
Worm infestation in Uganda is the number three killer of children, following closely behind more well-known diseases like AIDS and malaria. Loving One By One is dedicated to the reduction of worm infection and the administration of vitamin supplements to prevent further disease in Kampala, Uganda. For less than one US dollar, an entire family can not only be protected from worm disease, but can also receive vitamins necessary to prevent blindness and other
diseases on a yearly basis. Working together with Ugandan doctors and medical professionals from short-term mission teams, Loving One By One's medical clinics also provide antibiotics, other necessary medicines for common ailments, and basic hygiene education, which helps to eliminate many preventable diseases. Short-term mission teams provide these services to families in the slums, on the streets, in several orphanages, outlying villages, as well as to the children of New Creation Centre and New Creation Home.
New Creation Family Home
Established in July 2007, New Creation Family Home provides a home for orphaned children and is staffed by qualified, caring Ugandans within a family atmosphere. Children are nurtured with warm meals; hot showers; new clothes; clean beds; medical treatment; education; and most importantly, the assurance of love and safety. New Creation Family Home's intent is to minister to as many children as possible.

Photography by Nathan Golden.