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India has approximately 11 million street children. They are subject to malnutrition, hunger, health problems, substance abuse, theft, harassment by the city police, as well as physical and sexual abuse. Project Life Connection's mission is to rescue, restore and reconnect street children with their families and reintegrate them into society. Their desire is to prevent them from falling into a destructive cycle of social, physical and emotional behavior. They build relationships with street kids in their own environment and provide an alternative environment to teach them healthy ways to live. Children's lives are transformed through education, sports and practical help. They have established the "Rescue House" where kids begin a process of life transformation.

Eleven deeply committed staff work with Life connection. All of them are very gifted working with children, and offer creative solutions to the needs of the children they help.

Howrah Train Station
Howrah station has 21 platforms and handles hundreds of trains and over one million passengers every day. At Howrah station, there are a massive number of children who live in the station and under the train platforms. Most of the children are addicted to sniffing glue and drugs. Physical and sexual abuse are every day events in their lives.
Hassan: A Boy Rescued
Hassan is from Bangladesh. This year, he came to the Rescue House and said he wanted to change his life. Within 3 month he stopped all of the drugs he had been doing. He has a tremendous heart to know God. In September, Life Connection sent him for a 4 month Bible training course. Now, Hassan is very happy with his life. His dream is to help children living in the railway station, and living under the train platforms.

Photography by Nathan Golden.