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We boarded the van and headed off for the Leper's medical clinic outside of Chennai, India. This was my first visit to the leper colony, even though we have supported the Leper's Kids Orphanage for several years. I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive going into the leper colony for the first time. It really was an unknown.

As we arrived at the clinic, we saw that the medical staff had already arrived and were seeing the first patients of the day. Little medical care is available for India's 250,000 lepers. The number grows daily, even though the government of India recently announced that Leprosy has been cured in all of India.

They come shuffling down the road, some are hobbling on makeshift crutches.
All of them are obviously poor and in need of medical care for the wounds caused by their leprosy. We join an amazing ministry that provides medical care for hundreds from 11 different leper colonies surrounding the mega-city of Chennai. These medical heroes come week after week to care for those the world has discarded. The clean wounds, cut dead skin and provide antiseptic and clean bandages. As I watch, my stomach gets a little queasy. I'm reminded again that I am NOT called to medical work.

My stomach really rebels as I watch as the medical staff cleaning out a deep wound on a foot. They pour in peroxide, and maggots begin to crawl out of the wound. This is a miserable job, but necessary to save the foot of this dear woman. When the medical procedures are finished, the patients come for special prayer from our part of the team. Prayer…I can do that.

The first woman we pray for, comes up with a huge smile on her face. She reaches up and grasps the chain around her neck, pulling out a beautiful cross. Then she smiles again, points to the cross and then points to her heart. She wants us to know that she loves Jesus. We're humbled to pray for this dear saint. And we're grateful to be able to support this medical clinic through Streams of Mercy.

Photography by Nathan Golden.