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The Good Shepherd Homes provide a loving, caring family atmosphere for orphans and destitute children in India. This ministry has a two- step process that transforms the lives of kids who would otherwise be left to survive alone on the streets. These children have been rescued from a truly hopeless life.

The first step for the children
is to go into the Transition Home. This home has house parents and can take around 15 children at a time. These children, ages 5 – 11, are rescued straight off the street. Most never having been to school or in any kind of a controlled environment. They do whatever it takes to survive and many are addicted to drugs to numb the pain of their circumstances. Many of them have been rescued from work slavery or rescued from the sex slave trade. They are taught truth, the love of the Father, and how to live in a family.
The next step for these children
is to go into the regular Good Shepherd Homes. The Good Shepherd Homes have several homes, with 12 children in each house. This is a place where the kids are taken in and made part of a family with caring house parents. They are clothed, fed, and educated, but most importantly, they are loved as vital members of a real family. In the city of Talegaon, India, they have several homes with 12 children in each home. Good Shepherd Homes have recently completed a new orphanage building in the city of Nasik. A precious group of 50 children live in the new home, and now have a purpose and hope for the future.
The Transition Home
I stood talking to the director of the Transition Home. As I listened intently to her vision for children, I felt a small hand slip into mine. Something very deep in my heart was impacted by this small act of love. I wanted to look at the little girl standing next to me, but was afraid that if I looked, I would begin to cry. I finally composed myself and looked down at a beautiful little 9 year-old girl. She told me her name was Sunali, and just smiled at me. It was obvious that she had decided to 'adopt' me as a grandpa. Sunali was my shadow the whole time I was in the home.Sunali was rescued from being a work slave. She was 'hired' each day in a slum, and served those families for just meager bits of food. The Good Shepherd Homes rescued and transformed Sunali's life, and the lives of 130 children just like her!

Nine months later, I was again at the Transition Home. Sunali ran right over and greeted me. I asked her 'do you remember me'? She said 'yes, grandfather, I do, and I love you very much'. Then she said 'and grandfather, we pray for you every day". She took my hand and led me to the prayer board in the home and showed me our picture, to let me see that they pray for us daily.

Sunali was rescued from being a work slave. She was sold to a family as a small child, and served them as a slave every day. The Good Shepherd Homes have rescued and transformed Sunali's life, and the lives of 130 children just like her!

Photography by Nathan Golden.