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The House of Peace was established in 2000, and is a Home for the poor, needy, and destitute kids of India. The home exists to love and care for these children. The children are rescued from human trafficking, abandonment, begging, drugs, prostitution, illiteracy, crime, rape, violence and poverty.
"Our passionate desire is to be used by God to bless the children who are suffering in India"!
The House of peace provides spiritual, physical, emotional and academic care for 43 children who come from different parts of India and from various backgrounds. There are 25 boys and 18 girls in the home. Some of the children are from villages. A few are from slums, and others are from the streets.

The staff love to share about God and His master plan for their lives. The home also provides a wonderful education, so that their dreams may be fulfilled.

The 43 delightful kids at the "House of Peace" in New Delhi receive the love and support they need to grow up into adults with a purpose. House of Peace is a family style home, where the kids have a house 'mom & dad' who open their hearts to these orphans, and teach them their value and how to live. The children at "House of Peace" know where they are heading. Some want to be doctors when they grow up, some teachers, and some missionaries. It's remarkable to see children who have come from such hopelessness, transformed, and set on a path of purpose.

Photography by Nathan Golden.