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(the former Burma) is one of the poorest nations in the world. In that country, children become orphans due to poverty, drug addiction, childhood slavery, and diseases like T.B., malaria and HIV. Because jobs are scarce in the cities, many parents and their children go into the jungle to work in the mines, and are killed because of the dangerous work.

From 2004-2006, Jeremy, the director of The Blessing Children's Home, traveled to India for further study. When he told the leaders there that he would like to start an orphanage, they gave him $100.00 to start the work, and promised to support the orphanage. At that time, they had 10 children in their home. For a year and a half, the organization met their financial needs, but as the global financial crisis hit, they were not able to continue supporting the home.

The Blessing Children's Home now has twenty six Myanmar background ethnic children from many different tribal groups. The children come from the Lisu, Rawang, Lachit, and Naga peoples. The children are Chinese and Burmese and they are from different parts of Myanmar. Some are from the China-Myanmar border and some are from the jungle of the Myanmar-India border. These ethnic groups seldom cross cultural lines to relate to each other. Now, though, the children are a united family living in harmony in the Blessing Home.
The Blessing Children Home | Myanmar

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his step mother in the northernmost remote part of Myanmar. It became impossible for him to live with her, so he came to the home in 2008. On his way to the home, he had to travel one week by truck. Unfortunately the truck was involved in an accident, and the entire load of the truck fell on him. Six month later many sores appeared on his skin. He was hospitalized and he had to have six surgeries to repair the damage from the accident. Two sisters live in the home. They are called Shwe Li and Hwa Li. Their mother died tragically when she drowned in the river. Their father became an alcoholic as he tried to deal with the tragedy. They were still very young but were cooking, washing and doing all of the housework at a very young age. The girls were sent to live in the Blessing Home.

Another pair of sisters, Gwa Ma and Ah Si, lost both parents when they were very young. For a while, their siblings cared for them. The Blessing Home took them in, and like all the children, they have tragic stories of hardship before coming to the home.

Morning and evening there is devotion and teaching time in the home. During the day, all of the children attend local schools. In the evening, they have study times from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The children go to two different schools. The younger ones go to a State Basic School and older ones go to a State High School. The children are given milk every day as a part of their diet, and have seen a dramatic improvement in their health. They have planted a good-sized garden with a large assortment of healthy vegetables. The children are learning how to plant and take care of the garden.

The Blessing Children's Home is a refuge for abandoned, exploited and underprivileged children from across the country of Myanmar. It is an institution which is grounded in the Word of God. They focus on the educational, spiritual and mental development of each child, by giving them a good home atmosphere and the best possible care and love. This will enable them to become leaders in their society that will transform the nation.

"Education is most powerful weapon to change the world" - Nelson Mandela