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Hope's Gate offers practical and life-giving hope to young women and teens at high risk of being exploitated. In India alone, 200 young girls a day are sold into sexual slavery. It's estimated that 80% are sold by their own families.

Deepa's mother was a prostitute. Her mother gave her to a pimp when Deepa was 13. After being horribly abused, she ended up in the hospital and eventually in a rescue shelter in Southeast India. Our jewelry project is changing the lives of young women like Deepa, one bead at a time.

Hope's Gate gives practical hope to young women in India and Africa at high risk of exploitation, by sending volunteer teams to provide jewelry-making skills training. Each young woman works in a safe, low stress environment, while receiving the love and support they need in their current shelter. The young women receive a fair wage for the jewelry they make, which enables them to save for their transition back into society, when they reach the age they must leave the shelter. Hope's Gate sells this handmade jewelry in the U.S. as a means to raise awareness and funds to break the cycle of exploitation and hopelessness in the lives of these young women.

Help put an end to human trafficking by donating to this project. You can also purchase jewelry from Hope's Gate that is handmade in India and Africa!

Photography by Daniel J. Ingram.