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We have lots of shoes...running shoes, casual shoes, winter boots, and dress shoes. Shoes are plentiful in our nation, but that is NOT the case in many other places around the globe.

St. Ameria

in the Philippines. As they fled the country, the common people swarmed into the palace, and photographed an unbelievably extravagant lifestyle. They discovered 2,700 pairs of expensive shoes in Imelda's closets in the palace.
In the orphanages that we support, shoes are an absolute necessity. Children can't go to school without shoes. They must have shoes for their every day lives, and for good health. Hookworms and parasites are common when children don't have shoes.

This year, we are doing a "Shoes for Orphans" project. For Only $20.00 you can purchase a pair of good quality shoes that will last for years. Some of you may want to purchase 10 pair of shoes ($200.00), or even 100 pair ($2,000.00). This is a life-giving gift that makes all the difference in the lives of these kids.

Thanks for caring and helping these dear ones.

Wick & Jan Nease Streams of Mercy