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he stark reality of children living on the streets of Brazil is that many children run away from their homes and can't return. Many of them live on the streets because they do not believe they can possibly succeed in life. They are not able to make plans for a future because they live one day at a time. Rescue and Restore offers hope to these children.

The Rescue and Restore project is working to help change these lives in the following ways:

This project works with children and their families before they get to the streets. A small school has been built in this community where they develop creative projects with the children and offer workshops, counseling and guidance for their parents.

The first step to reach the children living on the streets is to develop a friendship with them. Through these relationships the team is able to see which children are willing to leave the streets and return home to live with their family. Regular visits are done with the families to do counseling/discipleship and needed support to see if it is possible for these children to return home. In many cases, this will not be enough, and the boys will go on to the second phase of the project.
This house functions as a support base for the street team. Their principle objective is to receive children that are not able return to their home. This is for a trial period, where the team will be able to see their willingness to adapt to a schedule and then go on to the Hope House.

The Hope House is the home for street boys between the ages of 12 - 17. The goal is to reintegrate these boys back into their families and society, when it is possible. This program works in the following areas: spiritual, education, family, physical, social and professional. Hope House is located in a small town near Recife, which is the capital of the state Pernambuco in north east of Brazil. There are times that the children are not able to return to their homes, and in that case, the children are helped into adulthood, with the skills and educational training to succeed as adults. The Rescue and Restore Project is transforming the lives of children living on the streets of Recife, Brazil.