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Eleanor Workman is an incredible woman whose heart beats with a single purpose;
to give hope and help to the poor people of Haiti and rescue abandoned babies in this impoverished island nation. CHO began in 1974 when Mom Workman found infant twins on a garbage dump with their terminally ill mother. The woman and her children had been evicted from her little hut because she could not pay the $3.00 per month for rent. The mother then gave guardianship of her babies to Eleanor Workman before she died. The orphanage ministry was born. Eleanor acquired land, built a building and her family grew rapidly.

Christian Haitian Outreach's ministry came into being because Eleanor Workman answered the call, by laying aside her own ambitions and dedicating her life to serve needy children in Haiti. She has seen countless miracles of supply and intervention despite impossible circumstances. Her life and ministry inspire others to totally commit themselves to God and see His divine purposes fulfilled in their lives.

The Blessing Children Home | Myanmar

Our Mission: Christian Haitian Outreach is a multifaceted ministry reaching out to heal, educate, feed and house the hurting children of Haiti.

Our Vision: Create a nurturing supportive environment of excellence that meets the spiritual, emotional, educational and social needs of Haitian orphans.

We are dedicated to:

• Providing total health, education, and physical care for each child

• Being an orphanage and children's agency for Haitian children;

• Finding sponsors and parents to adopt these children;

• Providing Christian education, training, and discipleshipprograms for the Haitian Christians, both leadership and laity alike, and to build bridges of reconciliation between Haitians and Americans.

There is a wonderful structure exhibited in each day's events, from early morning prayer, preparation for school, work details, set meal times, and a children's assembly that includes praise and worship. There are also Bible study and worship assemblies throughout the week.

This special home has existed for 37 years. The CHO compound is an oasis of safety, peace, comfort and love to the native sons and daughters of Haiti, providing a place of wholeness to those who are given no other choice. It's all about the children!

Haiti has had a very slow recovery from the devastation of the 2010 earthquake. The people fight to survive from one day to the next. They try to cope with a system whose governmental infrastructure is fractured with corruption and distrust. In the midst of this despair, CHO provides a brighter future for the people of Haiti.