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Faith and Love in Action is a non-profit organization based in haiti since 1996.
It is partnered with Aid International, Inc. Faith and Love in Action's mission is to bring about change in the lives of the orphans and needy children of Haiti. Faith and Love in Action (FLA) started as a home for just a few homeless girls living on the street in the 1990's. Since then, it has grown into a home for boys and girls of all ages. Currently, there are 81 children living in these homes, and the dorms are divided into a Girl's Home, a Boy's Home and a Baby's Home. The average child is 6-9 years old.

Faith & Love in Action was founded in Port-au-Prince but was moved to Jacmel due to the safety of this community. Jacmel is located on the south east coast of Haiti, approximately 90 km's from the capital city. In Jacmel, the younger kids attend a bilingual school that was recently started in the Library of the Boy's Home. The older children attend schools in the area. Five are in their first year of University.

Faith & Love in Action also operates a number of schools in Haiti:
• One is in the remote mountain village of Marbial, which is located a few hours drive from Jacmel.

• Other schools are located in Les Cayes, and Carrefour.

Our kids always say, "We know that we will not go without food, but we like to see abundance in our food storage room". When we don't know where "enough" will come from, God provides more than enough. A local pastor contributed food and chicken to the homes this past month to meet the dietary needs of the kids.

We have been working on a sustainability initiative: raising chickens, so the Children's Homes have a regular supply of fresh eggs. Our order of Leghorn chickens arrived last month! We have now 100 chickens providing fresh eggs for the homes, and we no longer need to constantly purchase eggs from the markets. Aside from the nutritious value, the chickens have become part of the kids' responsibilities and they now enjoy sharing the chores for these new 'pets'. Last year, a local woman played a big role in growing beans and corn from the mountains to help with the children. It was such a great example for our kids. This year, she has committed to make sure more produce is planted and harvested for the Homes.
We are so grateful for a group from Canada called Hope Seeds, Inc. who provided vegetable seeds to Marbial. This year alone, they have sent down 10,200 packages of seeds for the people of Marbial. At the ECHO agriculture conference last winter in Fort Myers, we had the privilege to meet with some of the staff of Hope Seeds, Inc. Hope Seeds generously provided 600 packages of seeds for Haiti. All these seeds were donated to the families that we sponsor to help grow vegetables to support their family. We pray for a good harvest that will allow them to not only feed their families, but to also sell the surplus on the market!

There is palpable excitement in the community of Marbial to participate in this project and they are ready to learn farming techniques from our agricultural agent. Folks have come down from far in the mountains to participate and have organized themselves into groups. We believe that this Seeds Project will give birth to other Sustainable Projects for the people in Marbial.