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Faith and Love in Action is a non-profit organization based in haiti since 1996.
needy land. This oasis is called 'Stone's Hope'. Stone's Hope is located in South Manchester, Jamaica on 38 acres of land. The campus is a historical site displaying the Winchester Great House built in the late 1800s. This idyllic location is ideal for the Stone's Hope Homes, and for the Bethel Christian school housed on the same property.

As a ministry, they have established Godly relationships with many others. Their aim is to touch hearts with the life-changing truth of reconciliation with an intimate, loving God, and with others.

The Stone's Hope ministry was pioneered in 1991 by Merlene Pryce. It began as an outreach to help very poor families in their local community. Reaching out to the community was a vital part of all they were doing in the early days of their ministry. They would visit the homes of the very poor, doing food and clothing distribution, and were introduced to families who could not care for their children. The Stone's Hope Homes began as a live-in center for children in their area.

Today, Stone's Hope includes a home for girls, and a separate home for boys on the property. There are older girls who have graduated from the home, but remain a vital part of the Stone's Hope family. These girl's lives have been totally transformed by the selfless love and care that they received at Stone's Hope. One of the girls is married, and she and her husband and two children live in North Carolina. Another girl, Ashley, and her husband, Nick, live in Montego Bay, Jamaica. They have two young children. Nick is on the leadership team of a large ministry in Montego Bay and leads Homes of Hope, a ministry that builds homes for the very poor in MOBAY. Their children are 3 and 1.

Two of the older girls are on staff at Stone's Hope. Both are on the leadership team and work on the staff of a children's ministry called 'King's Kids'. They also teach in the school on the property. Another of the girls is married and lives in Germany. She met her husband in Montego Bay at a Christian campus.
In addition to the home for boys, and the home for girls, Stone's Hope is also home to the Bethel Christian School. This school serves 35 children from very poor backgrounds in the area. The headmistress of the school, Beth McKenzie, has dedicated her life to bring hope to the children who attend the school. Most of the children have been taken out of the public schools with serious learning difficulties or dyslexia. With special help and personal tutoring, the children are given the tools to succeed in a school environment. Many of them learn to read for the first time. Bethel Christian School has operated since 1989.